Matías Paredes

Hellish Tamagotchi bodyguard friend!
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Platformer Tower Defense about protecting an old gem.
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Grid-based tower-defense. Don't let your tower fall!
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Dadaistic haiku runner.
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Battle Minesweeper RPG. Stack up numbers on a mindsweeper board to damage your enemies!
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A short bitsy interactive story about time and whales.
Interactive Fiction
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2-player game about alchemists fighting with random potions
Code the universe to begin the simulation.
A car, pop corn and too many birds
React! Turn off the nuclear reactor before it explodes!
Introspective business card about war, for 1 or 2 players.
This game has more than 24 hours of gameplay. We mixed a text adventure with an idler. You just have to wait! ⏳

Games I helped make